A Handbook in English Pronunciation

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It is becoming increasingly important for Swedish learners to master the English language, and the key to proficiency in spoken English is pronunciation. A Handbook in English Pronunciation provides an overview of the English sound system, and focuses on the areas of pronunciation where Swedish learners tend to have difficulties. Using an example-based approach, it covers all the essentials of spoken English, including word stress, sounds in context, and the principal differences between British and American pronunciation.

The book has been designed with advanced learners, undergraduates, and trainee teachers in mind, and with its range of written and oral exercises has much to offer experienced schoolteachers. It is also ideal as a self-study aid, as it uses relatively few technical terms and does not require any prior knowledge of pronunciation and phonetics.

Per Otterstedt is a lecturer at Uppsala University’s Department of English. He has long experience of teaching English pronunciation and oral proficiency to Swedish learners and trainee teachers.

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